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LAN CENTER AZAFATAS is a service enterprise specialized in creating stewardesses teams and possesses offices in Barcelona and Madrid that give service to the whole territory until the new delegations are open.

LAN CENTER AZAFATAS is capable of understanding your project and of working with you to obtain the best results. For that reason we do specialised selections of personnel adapted to the needs of our customers.

LAN CENTER AZAFATAS’ last aim is reach the “Excellence in the Given Service".  To reach this difficult objective, we count with human and material means that, added with the reached experience, can help to achieve a narrow collaboration.

Among all services that can offer LAN CENTER AZAFATAS from their offices of Barcelona and Madrid, we emphasize the services related with all kind of events, marketing campaigns and the creation of image and/or public relations stewardesses teams.  We have different types of stewardesses to satisfy the needs of our customers such as fair stewardess, promoter stewardess, congress stewardess, image stewardess, protocol stewardess and accompanist stewardess.

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Stewardesses Marketing
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Events Company

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